Saturday, October 12, 2013

1996 Lamborghini Zagato Raptor Concept

The Zagato Raptor, also known as the Lamborghini Raptor, is a concept car design created in 1996 by Zagato in partnership with Swiss racer Alain Wicki for Lamborghini. The chassis is a steel, tubular box-section unit with a carbon-fibre body.The chassis is borrowed from a 4WD Lamborghini Diablo. Utilizing the drive train and 492 hp V12 engine from the Diablo VT, but eliminating the ABS and traction control system, as well as the extensive use of carbon fiber for the body work made the vehicle significantly lighter than the Diablo, thus potentially faster. To make up for the lack of ABS and the higher potential speeds, an upgrade from the Diablo's braking system was used. Air conditioning was standard. The body features the Zagato "double bubble" design and an innovative door design where the whole middle section of the car swivels up and forward. The car was to go into limited production with an estimated 50 units to be produced. The pricing was never set and the project was eventually scrapped. (wikipedia &

Lamborghini Diablo VT (1993-98)

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