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2003 Morgan Plus 8 35th Anniversary Edition

The Morgan Plus 8 is a sports car built by British car makers Morgan from 1968 to 2004 and put back into production in revised form in 2012. The Plus 8 was launched in 1968 using Rover's 3.5 L V8 engine. In 1996, the Rover 4.6 L engine became an option. Following the discontinuation of the Rover V8, production of Plus 8 ended in 2004. A revised Plus 8, powered by a 4.8-liter BMW V8 engine was introduced not until 2012. Since its launch in 1968, over 6000 Plus 8s have been built. 

2003 Morgan Plus 8 35th Anniversary Edition

In 2003, the Morgan Motor Company marked the 35th anniversary of its famous Plus 8 sports car with a special limited edition of the car that had helped to make Morgan a world famous marque. 

Powered by a Rover 4.0 L V-8 engine, and a 5 speed manual transmission, the 35th Anniversary Plus 8 developed 200 bhp. It featured a number of special trim features to identify its unique status. Only about 100 of these 35th Anniversary Editions were built at the Malvern Link factory for the USA. As production of the Plus 8 was scheduled to cease during the first half of 2004, the Anniversary Edition would have an additional ‘collectible’ value for Morgan fans worldwide.

Standard options as well as added options include: Walnut dash, clock, stainless firewall, valances, front/rear bumpers, wood rimmed airbag steering wheel, walnut steering column surround, polished stainless steel wire wheels, double eared knockoffs on the wire wheels, polished stainless steel Le Mans ’62 mesh grill, stainless badge bar with 35th anniversary commemorative badge, Lucas driving lights, stainless steel chassis crossbar covers, stainless steel entry run plates and stainless steel luggage rack. ( &

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