Friday, December 22, 2017

1987 Ferrari Testarossa Straman Spider

Ferrari never developed the Testarossa into a spider version for production. The only Testarossa Spyder commissioned by Ferrari was the 1986 Testarossa Spider Valeo one-off for Fiat boss Gianni Agnelli. A handful of wealthy collectors who, wanting to own a convertible version of this sublime model, commissioned a derivative from coachbuilders such as Richard Straman in the United States. One of the most unique design elements has to be the ‘flying mirror’. The single wing mirror is mounted higher up on the A-pillar than normally and gives the car a really unique look. Limited to just 12 units. ( &

1987 Ferrari Testarossa Straman Spider in a Pepsi commercial

One of such conversion was carried out by Richard Straman in early 1987 for a Pepsi advert starring Michael Jackson (VIN#ZFFSA17A7G0065417). Working out of Costa Mesa, in California, Straman cooked up a drop-top Testarossa with a canvas roof and a plastic rear window featuring triangular extensions at each side, worth around $40,000. It is reported as having received a major service from a Ferrari dealer in 2013. Sold in a Barrett Jackson 2014 auction in for $73,700.00. Now it is located in a dealer in Ft. Lauderdale with an asking price of $799,900. ( &

The 1987 Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson.

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