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OSCA 1600 GT by Fissore (1961-63)

In 1937, the remaining Maserati brothers sold their shares in the company to the Orsi family. O.S.C.A. (Officine Specializzate Costruzioni Automobili) was founded in 1947 by Ernesto Maserati and his two brothers Ettore and Bindo who had all left Maserati after their ten year contract with Adolfo Orsi terminated. There they built the OSCA sports and racing cars. 

O.S.C.A.’s first automobile was the MT4 and it had a 1092 cc “Maserati Tipo 4 cilindri” engine which was later enlarged to 1491 cc in 1955. Versions of this multi-race winning engine went on to be used in coupé and convertible models of regular Fiats (1500, 1500S and 1600S).

In the late 50s, an engine partnership with Fiat opened new doors for the small company. The foremost was the possibility to produce a brand new production car that could be offered for a relatively competitive price. The 1600 GT, the only model that was homologated for road use, made its debut at the 1960 Turin Motor Show.

The Osca 1600 GT features modern technology, incorporating innovations like four-wheel independent suspension and Girling disc brakes on all four wheels. The four cylinder engine was a further development of the existing design that had been successfully used in OSCA's sports racers for a decade. It combined a cast-iron block with an aluminium, twin-cam cylinder head. In basic trim, fitted with a single Weber carburettor, it produced around 95 bhp. Three twin-carburettor versions were also available: GT2 (105 hp), GTV (125 hp), and GTS which had a 140 hp engine prepared for competition.

Zagato (98) shared the most of the cladding of these chassis. Fissore also built 21 Coupés and 3 Convertibles with soft lines. Boneschi built 3 with its "Swift" version, designed by the Rodolfo Bonetto. Touring built 2Michelotti  also built 2 1600 GT2 of which there is only one copy left. These are all now rare pearls. All these cars have Amadori magnesium alloy wheels. The Osca production ceased in 1963. (,,,,

OSCA 1600 GT Coupé by Fissore

21 units made. 

A 1961 model that has a different dashboard.

 OSCA 1600 GT Convertible by Fissore

3 units made.

 (Photos from,,,,,

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