Sunday, November 16, 2014

1969 Opel Aero GT Concept

At the 1969 Frankfurt show, Opel showed a lift-roof version of the GT, the Aero GT. Developed by styling director Chuck Jordan, it bears a remarkable resemblance to the later Pininfarina-styled Dino 246 GTS. The black roof is actually a removable targa top and the Aero also had an electrically retracting vertical rear window. For some reason, GM opted not to produce the Aero. Two of these cars were built. Only this orange example was mothballed for the last 40 years.

A second copy of the Aero GT, in metallic blue, was built by Michelotti at Kiel. Apparently it was sold to a collector and its whereabouts are unknown. ( & &

A second copy of the Aero GT, in metallic blue.

(L)  Opel GT                (R) Aero GT Concept

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