Monday, August 12, 2013

Maserati 5000GT 'Indianapolis' Allemano (1961-64)

Maserati 5000 GT (1959–1965) were thirty-two 2-door coupé automobiles, made by Maserati of Italy. With the launch of the V6 powered 3500 GT in 1957, Maserati almost overnight switched from constructing competition and bespoke road cars, to a volume manufacturer. The Shah of Perzia, Reza Pahlavi, was the loudest among the complaining customers who desired something a little more exclusive than the relatively high volume 3500 GT. He convinced Maserati to combine the 3500 GT chassis with the race-bred V8, and increase in displacement to five litres. The V8 produced an impressive 350 bhp. Dubbed the 5000 GT, the first two rolling chassis were sent to Carrozzeria Touring in Milan. One of them was ultimately headed to the Shah of Perzia. The other one was displayed at Salone dell'automobile di Torino.

In 1961, Maserati sent examples of the uprated 5000 GT chassis to all of Italy's carrozzerie, resulting in a wide variety of coachwork for prospected customers to choose from. Most of them eventually settled on the design penned by Giovanni Michelotti for Allemano. Known as the 'Indianapolis', this perhaps was the most understated of all 5000 GT designs. Of the 32 Maserati 5000 GTs built, Allemano clothed 21 of them. Other builders were Pietro Frua (2), Carrozzeria Monterosa (2), Pininfarina (1), Ghia (Sergio Sartorelli) (1), Michelotti (1) and Carrozzeria Touring (2 more). Bertone also made a 5000 GT, but the car had a different chassis and engine. Purists don't qualify it as a true 5000 GT. Production of the revised 5000 GT effectively ceased in 1964. This really was the end of an era, as all subsequent Maseratis were 'mass' produced, when demand allowed. ( & wikipedia)

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