Sunday, August 11, 2013

1930 Bugatti Type 46 Coupé Superprofilée

Nicknamed “La Petite Royale”, the Bugatti Type 46 Coupé Superprofilée was officially
released at the all-important Paris and London motor shows in 1929. 
Designed by Ettore Bugatti’s son, Jean, who was a well-known car designer in his own right. 
The stunning, aerodynamic coupés he designed featured beautifully raked windscreens 
and notchback (Semi-Profilée) or ‘hunchback’ (Superprofilée) back ends.
This rare Type 46 Coupé Superprofilées is thought to be 
one of the last examples of the model still roadworthy.
It was fitted with a 140hp, 5.3 litre straight-8 engine. 3 speed transmission. 
With a wheelbase of 3.5 metres the Superprofilée wasn’t exactly a light-weight, 
the car used a steel ladder-chassis and implemented the same 
cable-operated brakes that Bugatti was famous for. 
The car was sold for €672.000 ($897,000)  in a car auction in 2013.
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