Saturday, September 28, 2013

1954 Desoto Ghia Adventurer II Concept

In 1954 Ghia designed the Adventurer II as a prototype to showcase their own version of a Rocket Age Desoto. It came from Ghia's own Supersonic design by Giovanni Savonuzzi. It was reworked by Virgil Exner to accommodate the length of the Desoto chassis and in doing so he created a much more dramatic design. A unique feature of this Ghia special is the sliding sunroof which hides into the trunk area. The Adventurer II was built on the Desoto Imperial Series S-19 chassis and is powered by the Chrysler Firepower Hemi displacing 276 cu in. It was sold for $1,430,000 in an auction in 2012. (

The Ghia Supersonic body was also built on the 8V Fiat. Jaguar XK120, and Aston Martin DB2/4 chassis. (wikipedia)

(Photos from, super &

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