Sunday, June 17, 2012

1979 Volkswagen Beetle "Epilogue" Special Final Edition Convertible

The final "Epilogue Edition" black on black version of the Type 1 Beetle convertible, in salute to the first Beetles produced in the 1930s. (wikipedia)

Just 900 'Epilogue Edition' Beetles produced. Powered by a 1,585cc air-cooled OHV flat 4-cylinder engine. Bosch Air Flow Control electronic fuel injection. 48bhp at 4,100rpm. 4-speed manual transmission. McPherson strut front and trailing-arm rear suspension. 4-wheel drum brakes.

The last of the German manufactured Beetles would be convertibles. Karmann produced the final car on January 10, 1980. During the final year of German production a Special edition Super Beetle was created dubbed the "Epilogue Edition." Each US dealer got one special edition convertible resulting in about 900 cars total. The cars where all triple black with white headliner in the tops and each got a special wood dashboard, factory installed radio, chrome antennae, factory air conditioning and the deluxe wheels. (

(Photos from

(Photos from


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