Saturday, April 9, 2011

1966 Lamborghini 400 GT Monza

This uniquely exotic Lamborghini, powered by the same 3929cc V12 front-engined as the 400 GT, was built by coachbuilder Neri and Bonacini - christened the '400GT Monza' - has been the centrepiece of a celebrated marque mystery for decades past. It has been the object of speculation not only by Italian car collectors and Lamborghini enthusiasts, but also by myriad lovers of classic cars worldwide. Indeed, many have doubted its survival and its whereabouts has been a much-discussed question. 

Exhibited to the public for the first and only time at the 1966 Barcelona Motor Show, the Monza was instead sold to a wealthy Spanish sportsman with the necessary high-level connections to enable him to import such a car when most of Generalissimo Franco's citizens were obliged to make do with home-grown utility vehicles.

Retained by the owner's family after his death, this unique Lamborghini Monza is preserved exactly as last driven and when offered at Bonhams in 2005. This legendary, almost mystical machine - the Lamborghini 'missing link' - will be seen by most enthusiasts for the first time ever. It was sold for US$315,000. ( &

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