Friday, March 11, 2011

1968 Alfa Romeo Stradale P33 Pininfarina Roadster Concept

The Alfa Romeo Stradale P33 Pininfarina Roadster was designed by Paolo Martin 
and displayed at the Turin Motorshow in November 1968. 
The car was built on an Alfa Romeo P33 chassis and had a V8 mid-mounted engine. 
The second 33 Stradale-based concept car known as the P33 Roadster 
featured a wedge shaped design, a large overhead spoiler or aerofoil positioned 
just behind the cockpit and "beetle-wing" doors. 
The car was painted white with the interior and aerofoil in brown. 
It is thought the body was later removed by Pininfarina and replaced with the 
Cuneo design that debuted in January 1971 at the Brussels Motor Show.

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